During a public speech named ”My story:PRO-Budućnost” and held in Novi Grad municipality by victims of war and former camp prisoners , Andjelko Kvesic from Busovača stated: ”The forginevess must be a part of qualititative building of better future”. Goran Dragojević from Prijedor and Edisa Šehić from Maglaj shared their stories with citizens who attend this gathering.

Yesterday we were trying to show through our speeches and by opening certain subjects from the beginning of nineties in which way and how can war bring you only misfortune, pain and suffering. No matter which group do you belong in ethnical or any other sense, people are condemned to suffering during those unpleasant events. We really have to think in every ocasion we have what does that can bring to people who live here, in one territory.

”My Story:PRO-Budućnost” is a story given by war victims about their experiences from the begining of nineties, but with a different view and from a different perspective. It is a story about loss, suffering, pain, but in the same time it is a story of a hope that man can continue his life after agonies he or she had endured and the pain. It is a story about a hope that a man is not a wolf to another man – that even in the hardest of times there are people ready to give you a hand of reconciliation and hope for better future.

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