Presentation of the study

Presentation of the study: “The Process of reconciliation in the Western Balkans and in Turkey: Quality study”, Kosovo.

This quality study was held in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and turkey under the Divided Past- Joint Future project. The project made together 18 civil society organisations in the region, including the lance organisation from Kosovo, which is the carrier of implementation in Kosovo. Read more

Peace and Beyond

A conference to encourage new thinking and research in the field of peacebuilding and reconciliation

BELFAST, 10-12 APRIL 2018

As we mark the 20th anniversary of the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, Peace and Beyond will bring together practitioners, academics, policy makers and young leaders from the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Lebanon, the Western Balkans and Colombia.

Through a series of lectures, plenary sessions, workshops, site visits and cultural events we will: Read more

Qualitative Study

Qualitative researches have been conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania and Turkey under the project “Divided Past – Joint Future“. Subject of research involved attitudes
and opinions of citizens, representatives of public, private and civil sector on peace building and the process of reconciliation as well as the role of civil sector in those processes in the mentioned countries. Read more

Desk Research 2017

Divided Past – Joint Future project will try to find solutions for challenges such as post-conflict donators leaving countries, fragmentation of civil society, refusals of transitional justice’ projects, and lack of grass-root organization which are main actors and promoters of bottom – up approach in the implementation of reconciliation policy,  in order to make civil society solidary regarding this policy area as well as to trigger some additional (re)thinking about the challenges we are facing for a years. This activity – desk research on different sustainable reconciliation models and independent financial support mechanisms/social innovations in P&R will be something new in the current policy foundation related to peace and reconciliation in the region of WB and Turkey. Read more

How Young People Are Changing the World

Perhaps you’ve seen a group of young people performing expressive theatrics in your city these days. Don’t worry – that’s how they fight discrimination, showing through performance how to overcome intolerance.

These young people come from  organizations Somborski edukativni centar – SEC, Organizacija kreativnog okupljanja “OKO”, Connecting, AS Centar i Pokret gorana Vojvodine, and they gathered through the initiative of BalkanIDEA Novi Sad on the project “Riznica različitosti 2.0”. During their tuition a dozen young people explored human rights and came up with a performance in which certain characters tackle discrimination. Read more

You Can!

War and Peace, Good and Evil, Life and Death!

Any good, new paralyzed evil, damn it, we have to choose.

The choice is ours!

We take steps, and our reality gets destroyed,

we obscure our eyes,

swim in the covetousness, and the extinct waves clash into our face.

Thus, day by day, we are filled with envy, wrath, and in the spirit are the bells of evil. Read more

Nothing New in the Region of South East

In the lack of expertise offered by political analysts and sociologists, you might think – what qualifies me to write about reconciliation and coexistence in this region? I can point out two references – a citizen of Serbia and a civil sector activist. Furthermore, I won’t mention any legal regulations, strategies or signed documents, nor will I offer an expert analysis of the current social ambience with reference to the events of the last decade of 20th century and from the start of new millennia in the Western Balkans. This is a personal point of view and therefore some readers may conclude that this is an „abstract scribbling“. Read more

My story: PRO-Budućnost

During a public speech named ”My story:PRO-Budućnost” and held in Novi Grad municipality by victims of war and former camp prisoners , Andjelko Kvesic from Busovača stated: ”The forginevess must be a part of qualititative building of better future”. Goran Dragojević from Prijedor and Edisa Šehić from Maglaj shared their stories with citizens who attend this gathering. Read more

Youth for Peace

Dajana Dejanović and Antonela Opačak are members of the organization Youth for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was established in 2014. ” We have established an organization with a desire to be led by young people for young people, in accordance with the needs of this population”, says Antonela Opačak. All of them who gathered around this idea were part of the civil society, either through the formal work in organizations or volunteering. Read more