We celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the UDHR and the commitment from Civil Society, in this important moment of history, when challenges of Human Rights keep arising day after day, a key tool for peace keeps being extremely unknown to general population and even civil servants from member states, impeding in this way its logical application even in the daily day life.

Our meeting is an open one gathering grass roots movements representatives from Spain, Colombia, Mexico, France, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, United States of America, Australia that all together work in over 195 countries and territories around the world, showing their good practices in making the UDHR broadly known and applied in society, starting from the school, the neighborhoodsand public institutions.

With this, we want to give each participant a renewed purpose on making the UDHR known and also learning more and different successful ways of making this happen while encouraging a worldwide network that will contribute to ending human trafficking, racism and all sorts of intolerance through the increase of education on the UDHR and exposing the areas of day to day living that need improvement worldwide.

We will also open the event to public institutions that are willing to inform civil society on the different ways in which they can cooperate together for the noble cause of making Human Rights a closer reality. And this is why we want the Opening Session to include high level diplomats and officials to greet the Delegates from across the world and encourage them to continue their advocacy for peace and equality, in order to get closer to a sustainable development of societies for all human beings.


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