Inside Out is a global participatory art project whose goal is to send strong message to the world by presenting portraits of different people, initiated by French photographer JR who stated that “if we don’t know anything about people, we don’t have the right to judge them.” After winning the TED price in 2011, JR expressed wish to change the world by turning it “inside out”. Since 2015 over 127 countries participated in the project and more than 250.000 portraits were taken.

The culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina inspired us to found this project in our country as well. Even the war has ended 21 years ago we can still see the consequences in forms of stereotyping and judging, in contrary to unused potential to cherish amazing differences within the society. Social media makes it easier and possible for the community to divide, pointing out differences instead of similarities between residents. With “Inside-Out project” we want to draw attention on cohesion and unity of Bosnian-Herzegovinian youth. More information about the project:

Project consists of 2 workshops and a portrait exhibition in Sarajevo. First workshop was done on October 7th, 2017 in Second Gymnasium in Sarajevo. The following workshop will be done on March 31st and April 1st, 2018, at Networks, Skenderpašina 1, Sarajevo. 

Street exhibition opening ceremony is planned for May 2nd, 2018. 

Both workshops are conducted by Deep Democracy team member and founder of FLOW organization, Mr. Justin Friedman, peacemaker. Deep Democracy uses various psychological methods for resolving different conflicts. Mr. Friedman is using and teaching various techniques for conflict resolution, starting from the inside (personal conflicts), making the bridge to reconnect with the environment, and at the end to resolve conflicts with people around us. Techniques have proven to be very useful, and within the comments section of this event, you have a chance to see experiences and photos from the previous workshop, dealing with inner peace, golden arrows method, GEM exercise, etc.

More about trainer and the organization on:

Participation in the workshop enables you to participate in the art exhibition as well. If you would like to get a better picture of exhibition styles, visit:

How to sign up for participation?
Send your basic information (surname, name, date of birth, occupation) on e-mail:
Participation is tuition FREE!

Deadline for application is 28th of March, 2018.

More information:

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