Professionalizing peacebuilding
Train. Transition. Transform.
In partnership with the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology, the 2018 Sarajevo Symposium will engage participants in contemporary theory and practice of post-conflict political transitions in the Former Yugoslavia and other countries. Join us!

Train with experts to gain a deep understanding of post-conflict strategies in the areas of governance, security, justice and reconciliation. Learn which approaches have been successful, which failed, and which are beyond the reach of policy. In gaining a cross-sectoral perspective on post-conflict transitions, you will be able to transform conflicts around the world over the course of your career.

You will receive a Post-Graduate Certificate in “Managing Post-Conflict Transitions” upon completion of the course. You may choose to undertake additional rigorous assignments in order to earn a Post-Graduate Certificate in “Managing Post-Conflict Transitions with Distinction.” Transferable MA academic credit is also available to participants for a small additional fee.

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