WESTERN BALKANS – BLINK together with its partners is organizing a seven days training course, for strengthening capacities of key youth actors in Pristina. Through this activity it is foreseen to break the prejudices and the disinformation for the youngsters fromKosovo*, Montenegro and Serbia. The seven-day-long training course for strengthening capacities is open for 30 youngsters, between 20 and 30 years old: 10 from Montenegro (5F+5M), 10 from Serbia (5F+5M), and 10 Kosovo (5F+5M). The project is supported by RYCO within its first Open Call for Project Proposals.

Social exclusion features similar characteristics in the Western Balkans and is determined by a multi-layer deprivation of basic human rights. On the other side, young people who are not excluded, one can recognize difficulties in detecting exclusion in their own communities and to show empathy to their peers with fewer opportunities leading to the creation of invisible borders in societies.

The project aims to make a contribution to inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and fostering the quality of support structures for young people by enhancing the competences of those working with marginalized youth. Furthermore, the project aims to strengthen civil society by facilitating the integration and active participation of young people through an exchange of best practices in order to contribute to intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people.

Filled-in applications should be sent by email to blink_kosova@yahoo.com no later than 30 July 2018.

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