Many people would like to be remembered by doing something – making an impact in the world, inventing a cure for incurable disease, or perhaps doing something simpler like planting a tree with friends or recovering long forgotten photography of family.

Considering the latter, officials from the European Parliament really came up with something. According to site information, My House of European History is a ‘’unique collaborative project incorporating your testimonies on Europe’’. It is a platform where  people from Europe can upload and share their stories and memories in a way of pictures, audio and video recordings, movies and documents.

Each story is written in it’s original European language and it is possible to follow their origin from different states, which corresponds to EU policy of promotion of mobility and intercultural understanding.

This page gives the opportunity to European citizens to show what does it mean for them to live in and be a part of Europe, to explain in which way did Europe reshape their daily lives,  allowing them in the same time to become a part of immense virtual library. Platform will be launched on March 31st, 2017 and until then during the first phase of launching you can send only contributions and stories.

Citizens can share their stories and later upload photos or videos on


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