Seminar / Conference
12-16 November 2018 | Split, Croatia

Tool Fair XIII #PowerUp! shall provide a stimulating environment for varied approaches & practices for those working to support Youth Empowerment with a focus on Human Rights, Active Participation, Intercultural Dialogue, Social Inclusion & Mental Health.

The 13th edition of the International Tool Fair will take place from the 12th (arrival) to the 16th (departure) of November in Split, Croatia.

The focus of this year’s edition aims to develop – also through innovative approaches, pedagogies and practices – the quality and variety of tools for learning that will empower young people to create inclusive diverse communities they live in. Read more

Desk Research 2017

Divided Past – Joint Future project will try to find solutions for challenges such as post-conflict donators leaving countries, fragmentation of civil society, refusals of transitional justice’ projects, and lack of grass-root organization which are main actors and promoters of bottom – up approach in the implementation of reconciliation policy,  in order to make civil society solidary regarding this policy area as well as to trigger some additional (re)thinking about the challenges we are facing for a years. This activity – desk research on different sustainable reconciliation models and independent financial support mechanisms/social innovations in P&R will be something new in the current policy foundation related to peace and reconciliation in the region of WB and Turkey. Read more