War and Peace, Good and Evil, Life and Death!

Any good, new paralyzed evil, damn it, we have to choose.

The choice is ours!

We take steps, and our reality gets destroyed,

we obscure our eyes,

swim in the covetousness, and the extinct waves clash into our face.

Thus, day by day, we are filled with envy, wrath, and in the spirit are the bells of evil.

Two people grow up throughout our lives in our soul. We can weigh the best.

Let’s be strong about tolerance. If you can, with me, you can be with your loved ones, you can be part of the peace, and you and I can change the world.

We are one, we are our people and souls, recognize the divinity!

Hello, the word is magic !

You can warm the world in one word, you can eradicate a piece of war with a gesture!

But with a pure conscience, with the pure spirit of a child, you can sail with your boat in the peaceful world, and your life is extended from the smile of a wrinkled old man, and embellished by the chastisement of a newborn baby .

Because we, the common people of a state, are the guilty guilty of war !

Author: Gege Mullai

This text was written as a part of Divided Past – Joint Future project and it does not represent nor reflects attitudes and viewpoints of the European Union, its institutions and bodies. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in the text lies entirely with the author. 

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