The first 6 months – inception phase of the project Divided past – Joint future, we used for preparation and establishment of great atmosphere in our team and among our partners.

Beside administrative procedures and preparation of activities we have worked on establishment of a team and creating a communication strategy to key stakeholders that can increase the success of our project. In March there was a meeting of all 18 partners where we discussed project activities and where we agreed about next steps and cooperation procedures.

In the second half of the preparatory phase we already started with baseline – research activities taking into account the extent of regional research and sensitivity of the issue, which is being explored. In seven countries in the region – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey, started a qualitative research that will include four different groups – citizens, civil society organizations, businesses and public institutions. We are interested in how these groups perceive reconciliation and how current events – migration and economic crisis affecting the stability of the region and the resurgence of xenophobia, nationalism and even racism.
Results of this activity will help us to create new advocacy approach to each groups and to get information that could help us to work on sustainability of Regional Social Innovation lab in Peace and Reconciliation.

We hope to inspire many different actors to jointly work on reconciliation in the region!

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