The association Via Dinarica is organizing a volunteering camp in the period from June, 24 until July, 02 2017. Place of the meeting is a mountain lodge Bijele vode, on Bjelasnica. Arrival is planned for June 23 2017. late in the afternoon.

Participants are responsible for the costs of transportation to the mountain home, while the trip between locations is covered by the organizers. Food and lodging are also provided. In the end participants will get a nice presents.

Goal of this camp is cleaning, tidying up and marking Via Dinarica trails which will be promoted through Vucko trail, a race set for July, 01 2017.

You can apply via online formular until June 19, 2017.

We invite you to join us and we guarantee you unforgettable adventure, staying at space with a lot of clean air, a chance to make a lot of new friendships, beautiful ambient and not so hard work as before :).

Check out this great video clip of our awesome Vladimir Tukic and see how we worked before: 


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