Are you interested in freedom of speech and its boundaries? Do you think hate speech has no place in public sphere and you believe in importance of tolerance towards societal and cultural other? Are you active in the field of youth work and activism and you are interested in working as youth trainer?

KOMS Serbia and the Western Balkans Media Diversity Institute call for young activists and youth workers willing to participate to apply for training which will discuss one of the greatest challenges in online community nowadays – hate speech.

Internet and online media have made enough room for expression of thoughts, online activism and promoting democracy and active citizenship. Nevertheless, media platforms can be used as arena for insults and libel often verge with hate speech or are hate speech.

As in democratic society freedom of speech is equally important as tolerance and respecting rights of others, no matter which culture and society they belong to, a proper way for citizens to answer and react to hate speech while accomplishing balance in online communication is important as well.

Three day training (26 – 28th of July) will be held in Belgrade and it will process the theme of hate speech and its relation with freedom of speech, proper reacting to hate speech and creating counter and alternative narratives to the hate speech. This project is designed as a training for youth educators, so participants will be taught how to effectively transfer to other youngsters the knowledge they have gained. Training is a part of No Hate Speech campaign of Council of Europe, financed by the European Youth Foundation.

Terms for applications:

  • this call is opened to 16 activists and youth workers of age 18 – 30 who want to understand hate speech and to continue to use gained knowledge in their work
  • it is expected for contestants to have a prior experience in youth work and/or activism
  • also, one of the criteria for choosing the applicants will be their presence on social media.

All participant will be obligated to carry out one activity after the training, depending on their personal interests: to produce a counter narrative using the example of hate speech they have found, to write a blog about the training or some of the themes of training, to conduct a workshop about hate speech in their municipalities or cities. To do this, a mentorship will be provided.

You can found here your application form (deadline is June 30, 2017). For all additional information you can send an email to:

The agenda will be subsequently delivered to all participants. The chosen participants will be noticed until July 14.

Participation in training is free – all costs, including travel, accommodation and food during the training is covered by the organizers.


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