Youth Initiative for Human Rights Bosnia and Herzegovina together with ZFD Forum, CCFD-Terre Solidaire and European Commission is organizing first regional School of Different Memories in eastern Bosnia – Gornje Podrinje from July 26 until July 30 2017.

School of different memories is a summer educational programme based on study visit and aimed to exchanging experiences of local community, human rights activists, representatives of religious communities, historians, victims and witnesses about reconciliation process and dealing with the past. Programme is based on visiting places where war crimes happened in WWII and in a last Bosnian war 1991 – 1995 and connecting experiences of communities from broader area of one region. Since 2016, this school has a regional character, so participants from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro will join us, too.

Participants will visit a broader area of Foca, Gorazde and Visegrad – Tjentiste, Miljevina, Rorovo, museums and other places. Thematic discussions will be discussed as well.

Conditions for applicants are following:

  • All participants who are born in period since 1992 – 1999, and who will be of legal age on the day of the School’s beginnning
  • Both male and female participants from different parts of country are encouraged to apply
  • Participants who didn’t have a chance to take a part in programms related to the past and war crimes are specially encouraged to apply
  • You can apply wia next link: 
  • Incomplete and late submissions will not be considered.

For more information about this project please follow the next link:




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