With a goal to multiply the energy and creativity, more than 70 young leaders from ten countries from Danube region were paricipants of Creative Hub “Let’s make Europe better for You(th)”. The event took place in the European Youth Capital 2019 – Novi Sad from 26th to 28th June. Main goal of this event was to develop their ideas and visions for a better Europe for realisation in 2020.

Young people from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Montenegro and Hungary, as well as representatives of youth sector from Serbia were developing 50 Ideas For Europe which were previously rewarded within competition for creative and innovative ideas. Through joint work they have formed six advocacy campaigns related to topics such as mobility, tech Europe, eco-friendly Europe, inclusion and future jobs for Europe. 

The first day of the Creative Hub was dedicated to networking as well as detailed presentation of European Youth Capital for 2019 – Novi Sad. During the first day, Stanislava Marojević from OPENS represented all sorts of programs that took place in the European Youth Capital while participants got the chance to ask about the steps they would have to make in order to apply for the same title.

In next two days facilitators Vladan Djukanović and Bozidar Dimic were conducting interactive workshops in order to represent topics such as public advocacy and public campaign. Through poster sessions participants introduced their rewarded ideas that were afterwards joined in thematic units shaped through mentoring and interactive process.

The facilitators concluded that the most important step in the process of developing ideas is the process of getting familiar with the concepts of politics in their field and creating the key message. All ideas will be available within the online publication which will be posted on the official site of Belgrade open school in July.

Young people who were initiators of these ideas will be working in thematic groups together with their mentors by the end of 2019, and campaigns realization period is planned for the first half of 2020. 

This Project is implemented by the Belgrade Open School and 9 partner organizations from Danube region, supported by European Youth Capital Novi Sad (Omladinska prestonica Evrope Novi Sad – OPENS) with the main aim to contribute to the active participation of young people in the design and implementation of innovative ideas across Europe. Project is funded by te Ministry of culture and information, Provincial Secretariat for Sports and Youth and the city of Novi Sad in order to achieve the goals of European Youth Capital for 2019 – Novi Sad. #OPENS2019

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