Many international voluntary service organisations work in their local projects to guarantee the access to equal rights for every person. Many activists work hard to change the unfair reality in many countries regarding the rights of migrant people and refugees. The Raising Peace campaign will train activists, facilitate their exchange of experiences, and will advocate for the mentioned rights. The CCIVS also launched the Campaign for the Freedom of Movement after its General Assembly in 2014.



Created and adopted by the IVS movement

– The Declaration by the IVS networks on human rights: It includes a specific chapter on this thematic. See it here.

– The Declaration on the need to change European policies and laws to stop the massacre in the Mediterranean, by IVS organisations: See it here

– The Freedom of Movement Campaign of the CCIVS. A campaign to guarantee the capacity to move for every person in the world.

For the classics and universal:

– The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The basic charter of human rights, download it here.

 The convention on the rights of migrant workers. The reference document adopted by the UN on this thematic. If countries would accept their responsability and put this convention in practice…we would avoid many injustices. Download: International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of all Migrant Workers

– The UD of Emerging Human Rights. It describes in depth the right to migrate of every person. It comes from the civil society, and underlines the role of CSO in assuming the impulse to guarantee of Human Rights: DOWNLOAD!

Among the many actions by IVS organisations, awareness raising activities will be implemented during 2015 all over Europe, and in May, a Peace Action Week for activists in the thematic is being organised.

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