The Global Human Rights Week: Human Rights Now!  is a 6-day global event coordinated by CCIVS in the framework of the Raising Peace Campaign. Its main task is to provide visibility to the challenges related to Peace and Human Rights worldwide, focusing on the actions implemented by the IVS movement on these specific topics. These initiatives share common goals: to cast a spotlight on the current situations of Human Rights, to encourage grassroots activism and to promote social change. To do this, we need your contribution: if you are an organisation, a social movement, an activist, a volunteer, join the Global Human Rights Week!

What is the Global Human Rights Week?

During the week of 15th October (Monday) and 20th October 2018 (Saturday), IVS organisations will implement awareness-raising actions, training events, volunteering, communication and advocacy actions on their chosen topics of Human Rights and Peace. On Saturday 20th October the Campaign will officially end with a final statement to recap and share the results achieved.

All these actions will be supported by the CCIVS office in Paris in the framework of the Raising Peace Campaign:  many efforts will be put in creating a global communication network to share the information on the projects and to provide a greater visibility to all the actions. Every day of the GHRW will be focused on a different topic:

  • Human Rights for all;
  • Migrant and refugee rights, freedom of movement, and universal civil rights;
  • Access to food & housing and to a sustainable and dignified life;
  • Gender rights, sexual and personal bodily autonomy;
  • The Right to live in peace at a local, regional, and international level;
  • The Right to Participate: how citizens need to be involved in issues of Human Rights & Peace.

How can you participate to the Global Human Rights Week?

Your contribution is essential to the GHRW, as it will provide the contents and the inspirations to raise awareness on Human Rights worldwide.  There are many ways you can participate!

If your organisations is planning (or have already planned) to organise an initiative related to Peace and Human Rights during the days of the GHRW, you can forward the details of this action to CCIVS. Your initiative can be included in the GHRW, thus receiving a global dimension through our communication channels.

You can organise an action lasting from 1 to 3 days on your chosen Human Rights and Peace topic, with volunteering, training, publicity. Possible activities include:

– Human Rights education workshops, particularly in disadvantaged neighbourhoods;

– public debate with street actions;

– awareness raising events;

– institutional sessions with public bodies, NGO’s and citizens;

– activities in a university involving students and the institution itself, developing formal/non-formal education synergies;

– online actions to promote the GHRW and its contents.

Support available from Raising Peace to our partners:


  • Support and advice on the organisation of the event;
  • Educative and awareness raising materials that can be used for the planned activities;
  • Communication: Global publicity for each local event and the main topics.
  • A grant of max 150 euro (only for organisations and events based in Council of Europe countries). This fund can be used as room hire and office supplies. You are required to submit the original purchase receipts to justify the costs, as well as a narrative report (template) and photos of your project.

Please apply and explain your ideas for your event during the Global Human Rights Week. If your idea is not fully structured yet, we will help you define it and develop it.

We encourage you and need your participation!

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