Volunteers and friends of Konjic region together with OKO volunteers (Organization of creative gathering) planted 50 maple seedlings which formed an alley of friendship. This act from last week gave a permanent characteristic to more beautiful look of the city and sent a message of working on common goals in future.

Fotografija: Moja Hercegovina

President of The Multiple Sclerosis Association of East Hercegovina  Branislav Tamindžija says he is satisfied with the fact that volunteers from Nevesinje had joined the action of planting friendship alley as a part of the project ‘’A good neigbour  is a found treasure’’, organized by volunteers from Konjic.

‘’Fifty seedlings of maple tree is being plante today around elementary and high school, sports hall, kindergarten and the Partisans cemetery. My heart is overwhelmed with joy when I see young volunteers from Federation coming to Republic of Srpska for the first time to hand around with their friends’’, says Tamindžija and adds that after the action volunteers will have the opportunity to better know each other, while guests from Konjic shall have the opportunity to get to know Nevesinje and its surroundings.

Adis Muhibic, president of The Volunteers Association and Friends of Konjic Region, said this is the first time youth from Konjic had ever visited their peers from Nevesinje.

‘’We are currently working here as volunteers and after that we plan workshops meant to educate our youth in areas of multiculturalism and intercooperation.  When you simply put it, the young people from Konjic and Nevesinje say ‘’No’’ today  to hate’’, says Muhibić.

David Vuković, one of the volunteers from Nevesinje, stated that they gather around because of friendship and getting to know better each other.

‘’We spent the last autumn in Konjic and I hope they will feel good in our Nevesinje. Goal of this is making friends amongst youngsters, forgetting a dreadful past in order to build better future’’, said Vuković.

Volunteers from Nevesinje and Konjic confirmed they will try to organize these sorts of gatherings more often in order to continue doing useful things for society and in the same time get to know each other.

Source: mojahercegovina.com

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