Having in mind the approaches and benefits of the EU campaigns regarding broad spectrum of issues in post-conflict areas of Western Balkans and Turkey, and the influence of the same on development of effective and results oriented civil society, TACSO (Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations), together with organizations Civic Initiatives and ICSW, hosted the event ‘’EU and Civil Society: Quo Vadis?’’ – a joint inquiry into possibilities for the future in the Western Balkans and Turkey (WBT).

Members of our team participated in the event that gathers CSO’s representatives, activists, social enterprises, academics and government representatives from the Western Balkans, Turkey, the European Union (EU) and beyond to discuss civil society matters and accompanying democratisation processes of the WBT (as stated by TACSO). The participants were informed about monitoring process for 2017 and its overall findings and future EU guidelines.

Apart from indicating achievements, CSO’s representatives are through this event encouraged to take a critical stance on their role in developing, improving and promoting democratic and participative values across Western Balkans and Turkey.

Final day of the conference (12. 10) predicts the panel discussion ‘’How do we communicate EU?’’ that will focus on the results achieved in regard to the promotion of EU values, policies and the accession process to citizens in the region and the role of civil society organizations and state institutions in promoting the mentioned.

This text was written as a part of Divided Past – Joint Future project and it does not represent nor reflects attitudes and viewpoints of the European Union, its institutions and bodies. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in the text lies entirely with the author. 

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