Learn how to make “žurka” in Novi Sad, the European Youth Capital 2019!

Novi Sad was chosen as European Youth Capital 2019. For one year the second biggest Serbian city will be the centre of the youth in Europe. Therefore Novi Sad opens its doors: for their young inhabitants to discover Europe and for young Europeans to discover Novi Sad. Sure that we had to have a look!

We were lucky to be in the city in July. Like this we had the pleasure to witness the opening of the crazy cool EXIT Festival. The festival takes place on top of the Petrovaradin Fortress. What a view! It was there that we learnt our first Serbian word: Žurka!!! (Party!!!). The festival started in 2000 as a social movement organised by students and still has a strong goal: “Humanity and Earth in harmony on all levels; local, regional and global.” Don’t miss out on this event if you happen to be in the city at the right time.

Trg Slobode (Liberty Square) is something you won’t miss no matter when you will be in the city. The bronze monument in the middle still exists today because smart inhabitants hid it during the Second World War and put it back afterwards. Walk further to the Dunavska Street. It was one of our favourites. So pretty and full of colours. Close by you find the Dunavski Park which is nice for a walk or a picnic if you have the time (and the right weather). During your visit always look out for wall paintings – Novi Sad has a lively Street Art scene.

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