During a couple of weeks ago a conversation in Belgrade was held regarding the opening of Mixer House in Sarajevo and partnership with the Youth Employment Project, supported by the Swiss Government. Mixer House Belgrade consists of 1000 square meters of abandoned garage space transformed into space for culture, education and business activities.

Mixer House Belgrade is on the Guardian’s list of the most beautiful and most inspirational spaces in the world, together with locations in Paris, Lisbon, New York, Leipzig…Mixer House in Belgrade transformed one abandoned garage space into a multidisciplinary culture center, it even activated an entire city part. In the same time ”bottom up” revitalization as a way of deployment occured spontaneously, bringing back life to neglected city areas and into forgotten spaces. The phenomena of spontaneous revitalization of Savamala has been globally recognized and analysed not only by leading medias such as Guardian and CNN, but by some of the prestigious universities in the world as well.

Mixer Belgade is working a lot on a promotion of design and architecture and gives chances to young people in every way. Experiences of introducing young Balkan designers on international level were more than positive. We do not have a problem with ideas and intelectual offerings, but with realization and the fact that local manufacturers couldn’t folow the work intensity with designers and world scene. With the intention of contributing to cooperational development between designers and manufacturers a new cycle of work in the project Young Balkan Designers has been initiated. It involves product creation for five leading regional manufacturers with whom a common international promotion has been planned.

Talks about opening Mixer in the capital of Bosnia are currently being conducted and in April 25th a press conference was held to announce the beginning of works that are scheduled to finish on September 8th, 2017. ”We are going there with great joy and energy and we believe that many stereotypes about Belgrade there and about Sarajevo here will be diffused, specially by an excellent communication our Mixer House Sarajevo is about to initiate. Opening of Sarajevo Mixer has been announces as opening a portal for cooperation and communication between two cities. It will be placed in the settlement Pofalići.

The initiator of this concept is a dream about an open city without prejudices, an environment which accepts cultural differences as s treasure and a debate as a konstructive way of exchanging opinions; about a sensitive society that aims to correct its wrongdoings; about inspirational creative space freed of barriers of proffession and ready to explore new connections amongst creative disciplines; about the scene where theater, design and music are acting together; and also about the things which make our everyday life meaningful such as education, literature, socially effective work, friendship, dance and gastronomy.

Source: yep.ba

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