Center for non-violent action calls for potential participants to apply for a conference ”Introduction to peace building: Mir – Page – Μир”.

Conference will be held in Veles, The Veles Lake, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Working languages of conference are Albanian, Macedonian, Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian-Montenegrin language.

If you live in Macedonia, Kosovo or Serbia, if you are more than 21 and less than 91 years old, if you would like to know the way your neighbors think, if living in constant fear and mistrust interferes with your beliefs and you think linguistic and nationality differences should not be a reason for lack of communication – than we invite you to apply for third training ”Introduction to peace building : mir-page-мир 2017”.

Deadline for applications: 01.03.2017.

More information and link to application form:  PaqeMir2017.

Team of trainers:

Albulena Karaga,
Aleksandra Bogdanovska, CNA Sarajevo
Nataša Okilj, CNA Sarajevo
Nedžad Horozović, CNA Beograd
Nexhat Ismajli, APN Gnjilane/Gjilan

Contact email:


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