Program ‘’Constructive use of veteran experience – Kuvi’’ is conducted in cooperation with Center for war trauma from Novi Sad. Basic idea of this program is to offer approaches and models for quality use of war experience for common good and sustainable peace building in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Models which are combined of experience and knowledge as a result of previous work offer new ways of work and different approaches regarding specific target groups. This one particularly is based upon opening of the dialogue between veterans and young people.

Some of the goals of this program are use of veterans’ experience toward prevention of violence, opening of the dialogue and peace building, understanding war  trauma and its consequences on individual, family and society, breaking stereotypes about war veterans and young people, displaying real picture of the war through personal perspective, breaking prejudices about war as something good, use of veteran experience in understanding enemies, critical review of war and violence provided by veterans.

It is a great pleasure to invite young people from Tuzla (17 – 25 years old) to be  participants of the Kuvi dialogue, which is set for April 4 2017, with the beginning at 14:00h, in the Home of Young People. Number of participants is limited.

You can apply via next link  or by phone number  035/258 – 077.

Complete Call for Kuvi Dialogue is available here.


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