Bishop of Eparchy of Zahumlje, Herzegovina and the Littoral, Grigorije Durić ,signed in Trebinje the Platform for Peace on behalf of the Interreligious Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. on behalf of all religious communities and churches in BiH, as well as his eparchy, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) said.

The signing ceremony was announced for the formal opening of the fifth symposium “Theology in the Public Sphere” organized by the Center for Philosophy and Theology of Trebinje.
The Peace Platform is documented in the form of declarations and developed as a result of the intensive work PRO-The Future of the Peace Project.
In his expositions called “Between Passive Proclamation and Active Action,” Grigorije has brought closer reasons why together with other members of the Inter-religious Council in BiH has decided to support the Peace Platform.

-Those who speak peace often do not believe in what they are propagating and for what they advocate. To come to true peace, peace can’t and should not be just a word on our lips. Just as peace cannot be false, and the struggle for peace cannot be false but should be derived from true beliefs and good intentions.
Those who choose to fight for peace should know that they will be attacked and ridiculed in the fight and the way they are chosen, but true peace is the only option for our region, “Grigorije said.
He called on all representatives of religious communities and institutions to support the Platform for Peace document.


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