It will be a capacity-building event providing transnational transfer of knowledge and experience. We hope that through lectures, workshops, discussion groups and study visits, participating history and heritage educators will be stimulated to implement innovative teaching practices in their classroom and/or museum/site/institute
and to work towards a framework for a common approach for dealing with history.
Participants will improve their knowledge of cultures and get acquainted with new educational contents, services, and methods. Participants of similar EUROCLIO events have signalled afterwards that they felt inspired and stimulated to share with colleagues and students what they learnt and contribute to follow-up events and online community building.


Aims and objectives


  • To compare and contrast perspectives on social and cultural local history and heritage.
  • To build the capacity of the participants in the teaching and learning of entangled legacies in the region.
  • To connect with institutes and cultural entrepreneurs active in the cultural heritage for engagement of young people and school-going children.
  • To enable dialogue and cross-community and trans-border networking.


  • To learn more about innovative history and heritage teaching resources produced by amongst others EUROCLIO, UNESCO, the Council of Europe.
  • To engage in a regional debate on the role of history and heritage education in the promotion of innovating on-site learning.

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