Third regional EUROCLIO summer school ”Going beyong pride and pain? – History that connects the Balkans” is held in Albania, 18 – 23. July, in a natural ambient of the national park Llogara, near Valona. The summer school was organized by EUROCLIO (in cooperation with ALBNA, Association of Historians in Albania), with support of CDRSEE and Anne Frank Museum. Eighty participants from the entire region and Europe, including Divided Past – Joint Future team, attended the various presentations and had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through workshops, discussions, visits and lecturing.

”Learning sensible histories” was the theme of the first day. After introductory presentations by the organizers and meeting of participants, representatives of CDRSEE, Anne Frank Museum and EUROCLIO presented their projects related to a sensitive questions of newer history.

The main focus of this workshop were questions like coping with recent wars, how to find a proper materials, what kind of material is good to use as a future resource in education.

In the ”Critical approach to history education of the Western Balkans” the poll results of joint project e-PAST, organized by EUROCLIO together with CDRSEE, were presented aiming to raise the awareness of importance of educational system of the Balkans.

Finally, the participants had the opportunity to get to know the rich cultural heirdom of archeological site Apollonia and old Berat, as well as to gain more information about capacity building, posibilities of regional cooperation and project planning in the region itself.


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