2019 Jordanian Delegation

  • This application consists of four parts:

1) Biographical and Contact Information
2) Reference
3) Short Answer Questions
4) Essays

To help you organize your application, we have provided descriptions of the different sections below. We suggest you take some time to look through these parts and collect the required documents before beginning your application, as you cannot save your application and return to it later. 

Please remember that we are looking for campers 14-16 years of age who possess an open-minded attitude, a high level of maturity, and strong leadership potential.

Biographical and Contact InformationThis section will ask you for general information about yourself, including your contact information, school details, and parental or guardian information. We also ask you to provide your passport information, as this will help us support your visa application and finalize your travel to the United States.

ReferenceWe will ask you to list one reference whom we can contact to discuss your application if needed. Please note that your reference should be one of your teachers, advisers, coaches, or mentors. Please do not list family members or friends!

It is NOT necessary to provide written recommendations.

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