Youth for Peace

Dajana Dejanović and Antonela Opačak are members of the organization Youth for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was established in 2014. ” We have established an organization with a desire to be led by young people for young people, in accordance with the needs of this population”, says Antonela Opačak. All of them who gathered around this idea were part of the civil society, either through the formal work in organizations or volunteering. Read more

Sharing European’s History

Many people would like to be remembered by doing something – making an impact in the world, inventing a cure for incurable disease, or perhaps doing something simpler like planting a tree with friends or recovering long forgotten photography of family.

Considering the latter, officials from the European Parliament really came up with something. According to site information, My House of European History is a ‘’unique collaborative project incorporating your testimonies on Europe’’. It is a platform where  people from Europe can upload and share their stories and memories in a way of pictures, audio and video recordings, movies and documents. Read more

Promises to Mostar

20.000 Serbs went from Mostar during and after the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 22 years ago, there were close to 24,000 Serbs in this city, today there are only four. One Serb Radivoje Krulj, the priest of the Serbian Ortodox Church, has decided to move to this town. Despite devastating statistics of his people, the priest is doing everything to make Mostar nice place to live for all of its citizens. Read more

OKC Banjaluka – Call for two experts

Youth Communication Centre from Banjaluka published a call for two experts regarding the project “Divided past-Joint future”, financed by European Union.

“Divided Past – Joint Future” is the project implemented by Youth Communication Centre (YCC) located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with 17 partners (7 IPA beneficiary countries plus Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Netherland). Project consortium involves CSOs, research institutes, foundations, resources center and Erasmus NAs, 25 associated business partners. Duration of the project is 48 months (starting date 1st January 2016) Read more

ACES – Call for project proposals 2017

School-community projects meeting social challenges

School projects provide a concrete framework for combined learning, training, information, action and new encounters. They make learning more engaging, enable experiences of successful participation and civil engagement and promote the development of young people’s competences and skills needed for life and work in the 21st century. Addressing relevant topics and burning issues of their living environment challenges students and teachers to look beyond their own lives and horizons. By taking action together with their partners they achieve meaningful impacts in their communities. In addition, the international experience and exchange at the Academy provides a broader European perspective. Read more

CNA’s call for applications

Center for non-violent action calls for potential participants to apply for a conference ”Introduction to peace building: Mir – Page – Μир”.

Conference will be held in Veles, The Veles Lake, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Working languages of conference are Albanian, Macedonian, Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian-Montenegrin language. Read more

Youth Peace Camp 2017

The Youth Peace Camp engages young people and youth organisations from conflict affected regions in dialogue and conflict transformation activities based on human rights education and intercultural learning during and after the camp.

The main objectives (personal, organisational and institutional) of the Youth Peace Camp are: Read more

Steps forward

Unfortunately, Srebrenica and Potočari is the most known place in this part of Europe after 1995. And right here, where according to official statistics  was killed 8372 Bosnians, it seemed that coexistence will never become a reality. But it is!

Formerly an industrial zone, now a memorial. A few kilometers from Srebrenica to Bratunac, Potocari today shared the fate of many similar pre-war in which life is starting from the beggining. In the mainly agricultural region, near the border with Serbia, a population usually grows raspberries. Read more

Behind the camera of the public service

Work. Sacrifice. Solidarity. In these three words BHRT employees describe their everyday work filled with stress and responsibility, but above all, with human relationships. Considering the fact that this  a company that operates throughout the country, it is logical that here work representatives of all nations living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, also constitutive, minorities and disabled people. Read more