Raising Peace Camps

There are 45 Raising Peace Camps all around the world. The aim of these camps is to raise awareness and empower on the rights that we all have, how to defend them, to identify when they are not respected and contribute to change these situations of injustice. Click the icons to view the detailed project description in the Raising Peace Map below: Read more

FBIH: Same-sex Partnership Law

Sarajevo Open Centre: We are ready to help the FBiH government respond to the demands of same-sex couples

Sarajevo Open Centre (SOC) greets the efforts of the Government of FBiH, especially those of Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, to provide legal protection and recognition of same-sex couples and their families in FBiH. We consider today’s conclusion of the Government of FBiH to form a working group to work on drafting of the law that would recognise and protect these unions, to be the success of our advocacy and awareness rising of the reality of the existence of same-sex couples and their families in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Read more

Rights of Migrants & Refugees

Rights of Migrants & Refugees

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“The right to non discrimination regarding any origin or personal condition that opens the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, together with the rights of every person to participate in the construction of their society recognised in the declaration on Economic, Social and Cultural rights, or that of Emerging rights; empower us to underline the access to equal rights and to citizenship of any person regardless of their origin. ” Read more

Global Human Rights Week

The Global Human Rights Week: Human Rights Now!  is a 6-day global event coordinated by CCIVS in the framework of the Raising Peace Campaign. Its main task is to provide visibility to the challenges related to Peace and Human Rights worldwide, focusing on the actions implemented by the IVS movement on these specific topics. These initiatives share common goals: to cast a spotlight on the current situations of Human Rights, to encourage grassroots activism and to promote social change. To do this, we need your contribution: if you are an organisation, a social movement, an activist, a volunteer, join the Global Human Rights Week! Read more

Human Dimension Implementation Meeting

The need to address today’s security challenges means the defence and promotion of human rights are more important than ever, speakers said today at the opening of the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw.

In a direct reference to the three special themes of the conference, they said that the fact that times are difficult cannot be used to justify infringements on fundamental freedoms, nor to provide an excuse for racism, intolerance and discrimination. Instead, a human rights focus is more important than ever to ensure effective policies and solutions. Read more

Nadia Murad wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Nadia Murad, a 25-year-old Yezidi woman, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2018, along with Congolese gynaecological surgeon Denis Mukwege.

‘Nadia’s story and the work she is doing are truly remarkable,’ says Joshua Castellino, MRG’s Executive Director of MRG. ‘She has stood up to bullies and challenged gendered stereotypes at a tough personal cost, in the hope of a better tomorrow. Her recognition with this award will inspire others, especially those far from sites of power who not only face regular abuse, but see their oppressors get away every time.’ Read more

Protetcion of Journalism

Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland made the following statement today:

“Although the motives remain unclear, this week we have again witnessed a brutal murder of a journalist in a Council of Europe member State – the fourth in a year.

We cannot remain passive following such an outburst of violence. Attacks on journalists are attacks on our democracies. These acts aim to intimidate the entire profession. Read more