Migrant rights

Under international law, migrants have rights by virtue of their humanity. International human rights instruments, or treaties and documents such as declarations, are of general application and therefore apply to migrants. There are also a number of international instruments that specifically intend to address the protection of migrants. In addition, recent attention has been drawn to the obligations of states, under international human rights law, towards dead and missing migrants (Grant, 2016). Read more


Divided Past – Joint Future” is the project implemented by a consortium of 18 partners (7 IPA beneficiary countries plus Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Netherland). Project consortium involves CSOs, research institutes, foundations, resources centres and Erasmus NAs and 13 associated business partners. Duration of the project is 48 months (starting date 1stJanuary 2016). Read more

Free Press for a Strong Democracy

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.”—Thomas Jefferson (1786)

Jefferson understood that a vibrant and free press is critical to sustaining the rule of law. Along with free speech, a free press is indispensable for people to be informed and to participate in a democracy. On these points, lawyers and journalists are united. Read more


Call for the proposals No. 1 for sub-granting of projects of NGOs, CSOs that are registered in one of the following countries: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244/99), Montenegro, Albania, FYR Macedonia and Turkey.

We want to have a municipality as our partner in the project, and we would like them to provide us travel and meeting rooms as well as an exhibition room. In the partnership form, the partner needs to state how much money they will contribute and also in the call for proposals it says “Goods and/or services are not affordable and cannot be a part of yours minimum 10%”. Instead of us as the project coordinator renting a meeting room or a minibus for travel, we would like to have the municipality contribute with these in the project. Can we look at the market prices and show that market price in the budget as an equivalent of municipality’s contribution? Should municipality contribute with cash money to the project? Read more

Children’s Peace Theatre

Meet Children’s Peace Theatre 

Children’s Peace Theatre uses the arts and artistic creativity as critical tools for personal and social transformation. Our mandate is to co-create a culture of peace using an arts based, intergenerational and holistic approach that cultivates ecological, social and spiritual resilience with the individual and the community.   Read more

Reading Recommendations

So we’d all like a more peaceful world—no wars, no poverty, no more racism, no community disputes, no office tensions, no marital skirmishes. Lisa Schirch sets forth paths to such realities. In fact, she points a way to more than the absence of conflict. She foresees justpeace—a sustainable state of affairs because it is a peace which insists on justice.      Schirch singles out four critical actions that must be undertaken if peace is to take root at any level) — 1.) waging conflict nonviolently; 2.) reducing direct violence; 3.) transforming relationships; and 4.) building capacity. From Schirch’s 15 years of experience as a peacebuilding consultant in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. A title in The Little Books of Justice and Peacebuilding Series. Read more

RYCO: Strategic Plan for 2019-2021

TIRANA – We are honored to present you the first RYCO Strategic Plan for the upcoming three years (2019-2021).

We express our immense gratitude towards a number of stakeholders who participated in the strategic planning process – representatives of international and regional partner organizations, civil society organizations, governments of the Western Balkans, secondary schools from the region and individuals working with and for youth. Read more