How Young People Are Changing the World

Perhaps you’ve seen a group of young people performing expressive theatrics in your city these days. Don’t worry – that’s how they fight discrimination, showing through performance how to overcome intolerance.

These young people come from  organizations Somborski edukativni centar – SEC, Organizacija kreativnog okupljanja “OKO”, Connecting, AS Centar i Pokret gorana Vojvodine, and they gathered through the initiative of BalkanIDEA Novi Sad on the project “Riznica različitosti 2.0”. During their tuition a dozen young people explored human rights and came up with a performance in which certain characters tackle discrimination. Read more

Freedoms Have To Be Won

Aleksandar Reljić is a journalist and the editor of the documentary program of Radio televizija Vojvodina. His short length documentary “Kosovo Nazdravlje! Gëzuar!” gathers the representatives of the “sides at war” on Kosovo, asking the question whether shared life among Serbs and Albanians is possible. “I would probably never have gotten into journalism if it hadn’t been for the wars on Ex-Yugoslavian territory, and if that hadn’t been a frustration that had to be channeled in some way – otherwise I would have burst. And I was bursting. The only remedy and true therapy was when I took on this job that allowed me to channel frustration”, Aleksandar explains. “I never thought I could change the world, I never had that sort of illusion”, but at least I shattered my own prejudice and helped base the opinion that, in reality, regular people don’t hate. Regular people live their lives, and they’re only (and exclusively) victims of propaganda”. Read more

You Can!

War and Peace, Good and Evil, Life and Death!

Any good, new paralyzed evil, damn it, we have to choose.

The choice is ours!

We take steps, and our reality gets destroyed,

we obscure our eyes,

swim in the covetousness, and the extinct waves clash into our face.

Thus, day by day, we are filled with envy, wrath, and in the spirit are the bells of evil. Read more

Going beyond pride and pain in Albania

Third regional EUROCLIO summer school ”Going beyong pride and pain? – History that connects the Balkans” is held in Albania, 18 – 23. July, in a natural ambient of the national park Llogara, near Valona. The summer school was organized by EUROCLIO (in cooperation with ALBNA, Association of Historians in Albania), with support of CDRSEE and Anne Frank Museum. Eighty participants from the entire region and Europe, including Divided Past – Joint Future team, attended the various presentations and had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge through workshops, discussions, visits and lecturing. Read more

What Was It Like For You?

I know how it was for me, but I want to know what it was like for those I fought against in the war. If we just sit in our own pen, then we will only know the truth we want to hear.

War veterans from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia visited the former Vozuća battleground in the Zavidovići Municipality, paying their respects to the civilian and military casualties, wishing to hear, as one of the participants, Enes Bajrić, put it, what it was like for others on this battleground that took the lives of more than a thousand soldiers and hundreds of civilians from all three sides involved in the conflict (Army of BiH, VRS, HVO). Read more

School of Different Memories BiH 2017

Youth Initiative for Human Rights Bosnia and Herzegovina together with ZFD Forum, CCFD-Terre Solidaire and European Commission is organizing first regional School of Different Memories in eastern Bosnia – Gornje Podrinje from July 26 until July 30 2017.

School of different memories is a summer educational programme based on study visit and aimed to exchanging experiences of local community, human rights activists, representatives of religious communities, historians, victims and witnesses about reconciliation process and dealing with the past. Programme is based on visiting places where war crimes happened in WWII and in a last Bosnian war 1991 – 1995 and connecting experiences of communities from broader area of one region. Since 2016, this school has a regional character, so participants from Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro will join us, too. Read more

Business, Conflict & Human Rights 2017

It’s my pleasure to draw your attention to the Business, Conflict & Human Rights Course 2017  organized by swisspeace and Safestainable in collaboration with the University of Basel from ThursdaySaturday, 23-25 November 2017.

This course is designed for professionals from business, civil society and governmental institutions. It sheds light on the roles and strategies of companies, governments, international organizations and civil society in promoting responsible business practices in fragile and conflict-affected contexts: Read more

The Human Rights Youth Forum – Tirana

The World Youth Wave, CSO, Belgrade is opening a call for applications for participation in the very first Human Rights Youth Forum to be held in Tirana, August 13th-15th 2017. This project is financed by the OSCE Mission to Serbia.

About the Human Rights Youth Forum 2017 (#HRYF17):
#HRYF17 is organized by the World Youth Wave, CSO in partnership with the Union of Secondary Students of Serbia, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, the European Youth Association from Albania and Mjaft! Movement from Albania. The project is organized within the framework of the OSCE Mission to Serbia’s project: Enhancing regional connectivity among Serbian and Albanian youth actors. The main objective of #HRYF17 is to educate up to 40 participants in the area of human rights protection and enable them to develop inter-personal skills in several fields: argumentation, reaching consensus, public speaking, problem analysis, problem solving, research methods, as well as the intercultural and interreligious dialogue and working in a multicultural environment. Moreover, the participants are expected to become multipliers in their local setting by sharing gained knowledge, experience and skills through peer-to-peer education and follow-up activities. Read more

Final ICTY Legacy Conference

Members of Divided Past-Joint Future project team participated in final ICTY Legacy Conference which took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 22 to 24 June 2017.

Through presence on panel discussions and lectures we had a chance to learn more about the very institution of The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), its work, solved and importance of ICTY, stressing its importance for victims of war. Hocking explained how the Tribunal’s legacy will live on through efforts inside and outside courtrooms in the region and across the world. Read more