Capacity Building in Bitola

In the frame of the Divided Past-Joint Future, YCC Bitola hosted the training for partner organisations aimed about usage of a new tool for advocacy and non-formal education of cross-sectoral approach for peace and reconciliation. Participants had opportunity to explore the concept of social innovations and to see its reflection in the project design and its place in project activities. Read more

Why Europe Needs Civic Entrepreneurs

Europe needs a new breed of entrepreneur. Not just tech entrepreneurs who freeride on our personal data before becoming philanthropists. But civic entrepreneurs who dare to empower society without impoverishing it through their innovative ventures. But who is a civic entrepreneur? She’s someone who dares to be entrepreneurial in the part of society that most needs it: our communities. Where people see gridlock and problems, civic entrepreneurs see opportunity and mobilize their communities on a forward path. Their recipe is to forge powerfully productive linkages at the intersection of business, government, education, and community, thus helping to generate new innovative civic institutions, practices and social norms. By operating at the grassroots level, they create collaborative advantages that empower their communities to compete on the world stage. Read more

Desk Research 2017

Publication DESK RESEARCH: SUSTAINABLE RECONCILIATION MODELS AND INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL SUPPORT MECHANISMS conducted in the frame of “Divided Past-Joint Future” is something new in the current policy foundation related to peace and reconciliation in the region of WB and Turkey. Read more

Mediterranean Dialogues 2018

The Mediterranean Sea has often been depicted as the cradle of world civilisations. The sea is known in English and the Romance languages as the sea “between the lands”, but historically the Mediterranean Sea has gone by many names. The Romans have called it Mare Nostrum (Our Sea); in Arabic and Turkish the sea is often referred to as the White Sea (al-Bahr al-Abyad and Akdeniz, respectively); in Hebrew, it is called Yam Gadol (Great Sea), and in German Mittelmeer (Middle Sea).Since Antiquity, the Mediterranean Basin has been the centre for the three monotheisms, flourishing civilisations, migrations, the development of cultural, scientific and economic exchanges, but also for the intersections of wars. Today, unfortunately, the Mediterranean Basin is the theatre of a humanitarian crisis that has challenged the collective leadership around the sea. Read more

Boot camp for young leaders III

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Banja Luka is organizing the third “Boot camp III for young leaders” that will be held from 28th November to 3rd December 2017 in ethno village “Kotromanićevo“ near Doboj.

The camp includes workshops on leadership, communication, peace-building, stereotypes and prejudices. Within the project will be organized photography workshops and after the camp is planned photography exhibition regarding sustainable peace that will be held in the camp participants’ municipalities. We seek for participants aged16-19 from the local municipalities: Doboj, Doboj Istok, Doboj Jug, Maglaj, Usora, Modriča, Gradačac, Šamac, Domaljevac, Odžak. Read more

Women Initiative

When a group of 22 women members of parliament, journalists, university professors and leading civil society activists from Belgrade and Pristina met for the first time in Budva, Montenegro, to talk politics in an informal setting, the dialogue was stilted and the atmosphere uneasy. Observing their faces at the time, one would notice traces of skepticism and caution, but also curiosity and a readiness to meet “the other side”. Read more

EBN Call for Solutions 2017

On the 21st of September, the Social Challenges Innovation Platform ( launched the 2017 edition of its Open Call for Solutions. is a far-reaching European online ecosystem fostering the interaction between social innovators and SMEs for the co-development and take up of sustainable and marketable innovations with a clear social impact. The platform aims to be a social innovation marketplace, where Public Authorities, Private Companies or Third Sector Organizations can post and give visibility to social and environmental challenges they want to solve. At the same time, social innovators and entrepreneurs from across Europe are invited to propose innovative solutions. Read more

R.A.I.S.E. Publication

R.A.I.S.E. (Raising the Advantages of Youth through Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship) is a project implemented by Beyond Barriers Association in collaboration with partners from WB and EU, with the financial support of Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme, under KA2 -Capacity Building of Youth
Workers under the Western Balkans Window. The consortium of the project was composed of: MKC Bitola from FYRoM, C.E.T Platform from Serbia, OKC Banja Luka from Bosnia and Herzegovina, LENS from Kosovo*, LDA Sisak from Croatia and CIA from Greece. Read more

EU and Civil Society: Quo Vadis?

Having in mind the approaches and benefits of the EU campaigns regarding broad spectrum of issues in post-conflict areas of Western Balkans and Turkey, and the influence of the same on development of effective and results oriented civil society, TACSO (Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organizations), together with organizations Civic Initiatives and ICSW, hosted the event ‘’EU and Civil Society: Quo Vadis?’’ – a joint inquiry into possibilities for the future in the Western Balkans and Turkey (WBT). Read more