Digging Deeper | Life lessons from Richard Branson

Richard Charles Nicholas Branson’s success story almost has a cinematic heft to it. For one, it is not a single story, but a tapestry of several. This British business magnate is an investor, an author, a committed philanthropist, and he lives his life with a rockstar flamboyance that somehow, largely, never gets murky. In fact, his life has an inspirational quality and a feel-good innocence you will only find in a Disney film and every seed that was sown by his imagination, by circumstances, and perhaps even genetics, came to fruition at some point. Read more

‘Emulate his example’ urges UN chief as world celebrates Nelson Mandela: a ‘global advocate for dignity and equality’

Nelson Mandela was an “extraordinary global advocate for dignity and equality” who anyone in public service should seek to emulate, Secretary-General António Guterres said in his message marking the International Day that honours the iconic anti-apartheid campaigner, and South Africa’s first democratically-elected President.  Read more

On Poznań Summit: It Is Time to Deliver Together

The Regional Youth Cooperation Office (RYCO) is usually perceived and it is indeed one of the most concrete results of the Berlin Process. This fact is two-sided – it is good to have a functioning mechanism such as RYCO in the region, but it is also not so good that it is one of the rare initiatives which deliver. The six-year-long Berlin Process initiated a number of important discussions for the Western Balkans, but there are still a number of projects to be completed and issues to be addressed if we want to live in a region which creates opportunities for all of its citizens and inspire youth to improve it further. Read more


With a goal to multiply the energy and creativity, more than 70 young leaders from ten countries from Danube region were paricipants of Creative Hub “Let’s make Europe better for You(th)”. The event took place in the European Youth Capital 2019 – Novi Sad from 26th to 28th June. Main goal of this event was to develop their ideas and visions for a better Europe for realisation in 2020. Read more

How is Economic Stability Measured?

Economic stability means the economy of a region or country shows no wide fluctuations in key measures of economic performance, such as gross domestic product, unemployment or inflation. Rather, stable economies demonstrate modest growth in GDP and jobs while holding inflation to a minimum. Government economic policies strive for stable economic growth and prices, while economists rely on multiple measures for gauging the amount of stability. Read more

Six years ago Croatia entered the European Union

The 1st of July 2013 saw Croatia officially enlisted into the European family as the 28th member.

It was a long journey that took ten years to complete as Croatia applied for membership in 2003 and was granted candidate status in the middle of 2004.

Croatia finished accession negotiations on 30 June 2011, and on 9 December 2011, signed the Treaty of Accession. A referendum on EU accession was held in Croatia on 22 January 2012, with 66 percent of participants voting in favour of joining the Union. Read more