Youth Peace Camp 2017

The Youth Peace Camp engages young people and youth organisations from conflict affected regions in dialogue and conflict transformation activities based on human rights education and intercultural learning during and after the camp.

The main objectives (personal, organisational and institutional) of the Youth Peace Camp are: Read more

Steps forward

Unfortunately, Srebrenica and Potočari is the most known place in this part of Europe after 1995. And right here, where according to official statistics  was killed 8372 Bosnians, it seemed that coexistence will never become a reality. But it is!

Formerly an industrial zone, now a memorial. A few kilometers from Srebrenica to Bratunac, Potocari today shared the fate of many similar pre-war in which life is starting from the beggining. In the mainly agricultural region, near the border with Serbia, a population usually grows raspberries. Read more

Behind the camera of the public service

Work. Sacrifice. Solidarity. In these three words BHRT employees describe their everyday work filled with stress and responsibility, but above all, with human relationships. Considering the fact that this  a company that operates throughout the country, it is logical that here work representatives of all nations living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, also constitutive, minorities and disabled people. Read more

Disadvantages are the Virtues

For  understandable reasons we will call her N.N. She turned 30 this year and works as a consultant. Ever since her early childhood, he understood she is different from her peers. She had her first girlfriend with 15. She did not experiment too much, because she knew back than she is into same sex. For the last two years, she is in a relationship with A.D. They live together, but are currently separated due to their work. This is their story. Read more

Let’s walk together

Nadežda Mojsilović is a Serb and an Ortodox. She is employed in the ” Archdiocesan Center for youth ministry,” John Paul II.” She is working on a project ” Let’s walk together”. The project is a joint initiative of the serbian ortodox church and the catholic church in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Read more

Synergy from Tešanj

Religious objects restoration is not something uncommon, taking into account the local people’s affection of the spiritual world and their commitment to faith. However, when the temple belonging to one religion restoration is by largest part supported by a member of a different faith, then it is something worth of special respect. Read more

When does History become History?

The statement that the ‘ Balkans produces more history than it can consume’  is often (wrongly) attributed to Winston Churchill, but nevertheless it resonates very well with the visible difficulty for the established public and political cultures to refrain from using historical interpretations and concepts as divisive tools, or worse – using history as a weapon. But, what does it actually mean when a society ‘consumes’ history? And if we acknowledge that “dealing with the past”, “facing history”, etc entail the proper ‘consumption’ of the past, which history should be dealt with, by whom and how? Read more

Youth Group from Tuzla

In October 2013. a group of young enthusiastic, several different religions and nations, together participated in training about reconciliation and fight against discrimination „Demilitarization and fight against discrimination“.

All participants had two things in common- they lived in Tuzla and they were gathered by then and now the strongest organization for youth- Youth resource center Tuzla. Read more

Think outside the borders

Divided Past-Joint Future, entire vision for the Balkan region in just four words.

If we think about our past we will find lots of suffering, prejudices and stereotypes…but, can we fight for the better future? Of course we can, it is our job, not just as associations of citizens, but rather as individuals. Borders are just in our head, we are just humans, made of flesh and blood. Born and will be returned to the mother Earth. Balkan is a tricky area, so much history, so much conflicts, so much suffering and pain. Yes, I know, I am painting the dark picture, but then, it is rarely that you can find peaceful area in the world. Read more

Informal Education is a general term for education outside of a standard school setting. Informal Education is the wise, respectful and spontaneous process of cultivating learning. It works through conversation, and the exploration and enlargement of experience. Read more